7 Best Dog-Friendly Co-Working Spaces in the UK

7 Best Dog-Friendly Co-Working Spaces in the UK

In the age of remote work and social distancing, our furry friends have become more than just four-legged companions; they've become our trusted coworkers and steadfast sources of joy.

As we navigate through the "new normal" brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, dog-friendly co-working offices have emerged as the epitome of work-life balance and productivity.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top co-working spaces in the UK that not only embrace the pitter-patter of little paws but also offer a safe and inclusive environment for both humans and their canine pals.


WeWork office space


Not only are they all over the UK, but you can find WeWork all over the world! Possibly one of the most well known co-working spaces, the majority of WeWork’s are dog friendly however, make sure and double check this with your local one as some buildings may not allow it. 


Huckletree Workspace


Huckletree is a workspace that puts the planet first (so you can see why it’s on our list!). It’s an integral part of their ecosystem so if it’s part of your and your pups - check them out!


The Melting Pot Workspace


Based in Edinburgh the quirky ‘The Melting Pot’ is a hub for co-workers across a range of industries, social enterprises and charities. They love to have some dogs around and even pin up pictures of the local dogs on their community wall!




Work.Life workspace


Looking for a work space that values sustainability, collaborative and social space and your pup? Work.life is for you. Located in Shoreditch, London they create workspaces that are designed to boost productivity and build happier, more engaged teams. You are more than welcome to bring your dog with you!


Uncommon co-working space


Uncommon is a workspace that's ethos runs through everything from staff, to members and the business as a whole. They have a number of locations across London and are all dog friendly!


The Ministry office space


Located in the heart of central London, The Ministry is a lifestyle oriented, co-working office space that also has space inclusive of a trendy interior, cafe, gym and also a space for your dog!




The Boutique Workplace


With some incredible interior design, you’ll be right at home at The Boutique Workplace Company. They ensure you’ll be super at home while you work with a range of amenities including an inhouse barista! (Maybe ask for a puppuccino for your pooch!)


Dog in the office


Here are some of out top-tips for getting your dog ready for a co-working space:

 1. Create a designated space for your dog

Set up a comfortable and safe area for your dog within the co-working space. brings their favourite blanket or toy. Having their own space will provide them with a sense of security and allow them to relax.

 2. Ensure they get some exercise and stimulation

Dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation to stay calm and content. Before heading to the co-working space, make sure your dog has received adequate exercise to help them release energy. Consider bringing puzzle toys or interactive feeders to keep them mentally engaged during quieter moments.

3. Respect co-workers' boundaries: 

While your dog may be comfortable around people, it's essential to be respectful of others' preferences and boundaries. Not everyone may be comfortable with dogs or have allergies, so be mindful of their needs. 

4. Bring necessary supplies: 

Pack a bag with essential supplies for your dog, including food, treats etc. Not all workspaces have utensils for dogs so we recommend bringing your Tangle bowl with you - it works for water, food and it’ll be a winning conversation starter.

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