Dark shot of some stormy ocean waves

Two MATES. ONE MISSION. stop ghost nets

As dog people ourselves we knew other pet owners appreciate the natural world we live in and would be totally onboard with saving marine life. We’re focused on providing best-in-class dog products sustainably, made from recycled fishing nets.


meet Sam & Xavier

Born from a desire to save the ocean, we started Tangle to raise awareness of ghost nets and the damage they cause. 

From a young age we both loved nature, wildlife and the water. You’d always find us in a rockpool or glued to a David Attenborough documentary. 

We kept seeing shocking scenes of trapped turtles and wounded whales and yet the focus was always on plastic bottles and straws – which felt silly, as the ghost nets directly entangle and kill marine life.

We decided it was time to do something about it.

Photo of Sam and Xavier on the beach with two dogs and a sign of the Tangle company name


Our Process

Photo of a JCB moving a large mound of discarded fishing nets


Fishers are incentivised to exchange their old nets through our partnerships at ports, which reduces the likelihood of dumping overboard out at sea. These end of life nets are sorted and collected before making their way to our selected recycling facility.


Once these nets arrive, they're deconstructed and sorted into different types of plastics and colours. The material is then washed, shredded, and separated before being turned into 100% recycled green pellets ready to make new products.
Photo close up of fish net fibres within a small glass pot on a table


For too long sustainability has often meant compromise when it comes to practicality, longevity, and aesthetics. With Tangle, you don’t need to compromise. All of our products are designed with the environment top of mind. And (if we can say so ourselves) look half decent too.
Banner image of a tangle dog lead on a dock


At Tangle we produce the best sustainable dog products. We do this by putting quality and the environment first, with low-impact moulds and green energy used as much as possible. Every product differs slightly in colour & size due to our craft production process and the nets that go into them.

Building a circular economy.


At Tangle, we have prevented 7 tennis courts (1800 sqm) worth of fishing nets becoming ghost nets last year. By the end of 2024 we want to stop 526 tennis courts (137,800 sqm) worth of these fishing nets becoming ghost nets.

In the future, we want to create a real impact in all areas of the world by actively removing ghost net material from the oceans, recycling these into products, as well as educating communities about the ghost net problem and how they can help. 

We’ve got big plans. The ghost net problem needs to be solved from all sides. We’ll continue to prevent ghost nets at source but we don’t want to stop there. We want to rid our oceans of these deadly nets - for good. To do that, we want to recruit ocean ambassadors, like yourself, who can help spread the word and educate others about the ghost net problem.